We Know Your Sector

Progressive companies aim to become more effective and more efficient to compete and succeed in business. Yet the the nature of the challenge varies by company and sector. It pays to work with an experienced Document Logistix expert who understands your business drivers and can solve any technical barriers that stand in the way of improving your document management processes.

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We Know Your Challenges

A modern business faces many challenges, from cash collection and AP, to integrating departments and processes, or providing good customer experience. Whatever your challenge, Document Logistix can help you to meet your operational objectives as well as to meet your strategic goals, be they cost or space reduction, enhanced workflow, improved customer satisfaction, assured compliance or more.

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We Have The Document Solution

Document Manager is used by mid-size and large companies to support their digital document strategies and deliver workflow efficiency. Document Manager is innately comprehensive and flexible, yet it can also be modfied to your in-house needs. Document Manager Business Edition is ideally suited to smaller user groups who want a cost effective solution to improve processes and productivity.

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Document Logistix is a Logistics specialist. Electronic document management provides a centralised way to run complex, geographically distributed operations. Manage invoicing, suppliers, PoDs, GRNs, MOTs, vehicle tax, incident reports, HR documentation. Document Manager links documents generated and captured throughout logistics organisations in one management hub to improve cash flow.


Take advantage of joined-up workflow


Storage, protection, retrieval and permission-based access to documents and up to date information are critical to business enablement. These functions have a direct baring on production, administration and compliance, finances, customer loyalty and profits. The cost of paper-based documentation runs much higher than the price of floor space alone. When information is hard to store and retrieve it carries a high operational cost and ultimately slows your business down. A well implemented digital document strategy typically increases the productivity of knowledge workers by 25% as well as delivering significant facilities savings.


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Who is Document Manager designed for?


Integrate all your current document management systems with Document Manager. Our document management solutions range from bulk document scanning and imaging systems to workflow and secure archiving software.

Integration is easy. The Document Manager interface can be configured quickly to integrate with Oracle, SAGE, JD Edwards, Exchequer and SAP systems. It is simple to set up seamless integration between the document imaging and management system and business applications such as Payroll, Accounts Payable, HR records management, Logistics DM, engineering and manufacturing document management, Proof of Delivery, Vehicle Records and Purchase Invoice Processing. Document Manager is fully integrated with IRIS Exchequer financial software and Document Logistix provides many IRIS customers with the document management software required to deliver their compliance and audit requirements.


Off The Shelf Products


DM for Manufacturing

Talk to Document Logistix about how digital document content management systems improve production, QA, business intelligence and, ultimately, profits. Ask about full lifecycle document management with digital workflow automation. We help manufacturers to overcome manufacturing process bottlenecks and silos with business intelligence (BI) and automation. Core workflow functions enable manufacturers to manage processes from orders in the supply chain, through production, to POD and billing.


Back Office Solutions

Document Manager's digital document management and workflow software helps businesses to automate a wide range of back office processes. A well implemented document management solution enables back office functions to work closer with and provide direct support to your company's frontline profit centres. HR document management reduces the drain of routine administration and facilitates a more strategic outlook. Accounts payable document management helps companies to reduce disputes and achieve better cashflow.


Education Solutions

Effective document management promotes academic programme growth and optimises resources. Institutions can focus on increasing enrolment, financial stability and planning using document management through the entire student cycle, from admissions to attainment, governance and alumni contact.

Document management gives educators a powerful tool to organise data sharing and allow the right people to make evidence-based decisions. 


Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) department sometimes struggles to achieve the strategic advantage for companies that it should. Its ability to focus on talent can be compromised by a vast amount of paper and electronic documents and the burden of compliance regulations, deadlines and records retention. Document Manager enables HR departments to improve efficiency with effective, secure information capture, storage, retrieval and auto-archiving.


Proof of Delivery

Proof is one of the things that businesses need and customers demand; guesswork and delay compromise performance and profits. Accurate information about the location and delivery of goods is closely associated with logistical and administrative efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Document Manager provides you with a reliable Proof of Delivery (PoD) system that helps to reduce delivery disputes, avoid duplication of information, and reduce the time lapse between delivery and invoicing so that invoices are paid more quickly.


83% of companies see a positive ROI from investments in document management software.