Document Manager takes care of the paperwork for the Texas Department of Public Safety

With a broad charter to supervise everything from traffic on rural highways across the expansive state of Texas to preserving the peace and investigating crime, the Texas Department of Public Safety has an extremely challenging role. Like any large organization, it relies heavily on technology to help it perform its important tasks.

The old document management system couldn't handle the growth

The TDPS's incumbent document management (DM) system was unable to cope with the department's large, complicated and fast-growing operations. The TDPS's document management requirements had expanded rapidly from a single archive server with ten viewing stations to a deployment five times that size. As new document imaging applications were added, bringing even greater document volumes into the system, the performance and reliability of the old document management solution started to fail. As the number of users, database size and complexity increased, the limitations of the system were strained to the point where it could not meet the constant change requirements for the state's primary criminal records repository.

Frequent and comprehensive workflow changes were needed as state statutes and law enforcement practices changed. This requirement demanded a high degree of system stability, up-time and data integrity. The final straw for the old DM system was the ever increasing maintenance cost for software that could no longer meet the business requirements.

Document Manager was up to the task

The TDPS decided to replace their existing DM system with the robust Document Manager software suite. Document Manager has proven its ability to handle all of the requirements in nine of TDPS's major areas of activity, as well as expand with the organization's increasing requirements. Document Manager now plays an essential role in a wide range of document management applications within the TDPS Safety, including fingerprint processing and archiving crime records, vehicle inspection records, driver licensing and the state's driver information bureau and concealed handgun licenses.

Document Manager has scaled easily to handle the volume of documentation within the department, proving itself to be highly adaptable to the changing requirements of the organization. The software has successfully addressed all of the organization's needs while enabling archiving cost reductions of over 30%, representing savings in excess of $50,000 per year.

Benefits of Document Manager

  1. Scalability and flexibility to modify work processes quickly and easily
  2. Significant savings in ongoing software maintenance cost
  3. Elimination of paper from the premises, freeing up valuable floor space
  4. Improved staff efficiency and productivity
  5. Central management and storage of documents
  6. Greater security for information storage and compliance with state statutes and law enforcement practices
  7. Reliability of images stored digitally