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Document Logistix’ software leads the industry in terms of functionality and affordability.  With the help of local DA 1st Assistant Warren Diepraam, Document Logistix has created a solution for prosecutors from a prosecutor’s background. Simplicity meets efficiency to help ensure state compliance is met, while providing tools to manage day-to-day operations, all at an affordable price.


When former Texas Governor Rick Perry signed Senate Bill 1611, also known as the Michael Morton Act, into law in 2013, many predicted a new era in discovery for prosecutors. However, there was little guidance about how best to accommodate the new law in practice and counties resorted to using manual labor to meet the transparency requirements of the law.

Enter Document Logistix. A content management software provider that helps people manage their information more efficiently.   

The Challenge: Simplify the process of providing compliance documentation in court.

The Solution: Document Logistix provides documentation that aids prosecutors to undoubtedly confirm what information was given to defense attorneys, and when the information was accessed. 

With the help of Warren Diepraam, the 1st Assistant DA in Waller County, Texas, Document Logistix took this one step further. Office staff no longer need to count, or add documentation for discovery compliance.  Document Logistix automates the process any time a new file is added into the specific case folder, which makes it available for court.


Electronic filing has many benefits over traditional paper files. The ability to tag a file with unlimited amounts of information, i.e.: case number, defendant last name, offense, case date, etc., provide staff with the ability to pull up a file within a matter of seconds. 

At first, the Waller County DA staff asked if we can help them with their case files. Documentation, emails, photos and other electronic files can easily be stored in one electronic repository.  Like before, requests started coming in to store and share audio and video files.  Document Logistix was able to work with the local DA office to obtain different file types and developed a solution to house any audio or video format to save or share with other agencies.  

Now, different law enforcement agencies are able to save and share not only document, email, photo or other electronic file types, but they can also share audio and video files internally or with other agencies as needed.


Does this sound like your office? Open records requests are a nightmare. The copy machine seems like it breaks down more than it works. Your office seems like the local Best Buy, with CD’s and DVD’s everywhere. Manually copying and distributing case files seems like a daunting task.  It definitely takes more time and attention away from office staff than it needs to.

With the ability to save and retrieve a file in a matter of seconds, combined with the option of saving different file types, the sharing of information becomes streamlined.  

Document Logistix created a web portal for the Waller County DA Office to access their files. The DA came up with a great idea to provide access to their defense attorneys, (only their specific case files), to log in and view or download their information, remotely.  This takes the responsibility out of their office’s hands and puts it on the different external agencies or defense attorneys. 

There is another DA Office that requested integration between their office and the local Police Department.  Not a problem for Document Logistix. The software can integrate with different offices that have Document Logistix software, while being stored in separate locations.  


Because fair representation is the responsibility of every prosecutor, there is a need to ensure that defense attorneys are taking their cases seriously. This requires automatic documentation capabilities to track what information is provided (to whom) and when.

Document Logistix implemented a program that accomplished this goal, the DA office can track information from when it arrives and throughout its digital lifecycle, which overcomes the problem of anyone claiming that documents have not been sent or received. This includes the ability to track all files from upload, to changes made, to viewing access dates and times.



Because the information you work with is extremely sensitive, Document Logistix provides another value add with their software. Security is locked down with tools such as, user / group permissions, active directory, drawer, folder, document and line item permissions, and up to six (6) different levels of document encryption.   

Administrators can set and control permissions to ensure that unauthorized access does not occur. Reports can be run via our Audit Trail to double check access controls. Authorization can be configured and changed at any time for defense attorneys to have access to specific files, or folders.  

We have extensive experience with helping customers secure their sensitive information, such as: State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH), Waller County DA, Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS), Virginia State Police, and Georgia Bureau of Investigations to name a few.



Document Logistix’ Document Manager makes your agency one of the most progressive agencies in the state and will make your agency a leader in discovery and Brady or Michael Morton compliance.

  • Become compliant with Article 39.14 Discovery/Michael Morton Act. Document Logistix automates that process by producing a document for compliance with state law.
  • Eliminate the arguments between prosecutors and defense attorneys about what information was provided and when.
  • Streamline the sharing of case files to defense attorneys and with open records requests.
  • Ensure fair representation. Our Audit Trail tool tracks who and when opens a file, documenting place and time.


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