Mobile App: Simple Document Content Management for mobile devices

Extend document access to mobile devices. Staff mobility is growing as a business imperative as field and remote workers increase in number in the digital age. Today’s managers and employees need and expect to be as productive on the road as they are in the office.

Document Logistix Mobile App provides a secure, reliable, flexible, comprhensive solution for working with company content away from the office. Using the Mobile App, employees can upload, view, edit, approve and share important documents their mobile devices. Fully-featured collaboration and workflow tools keep business information moving freely and securely.

The Document Logistix mobile application means you can access your documents from a mobile device and perform all critical tasks wherever you are.

A simple login allows you to view, annotate, approve and perform a full range of tasks on mobile.

The Document Logistix Mobile App:

  • Is re-architected from the ground up
  • Provides secure login via Document Manager, Active Directory, Pin or Touch ID
  • Has redesigned screens and layout for total ease of use
  • Provides the ability to capture and upload images to Document Manager
  • Provides support for Document Manager workspaces, MRU lists and document notes.

The new DM5 mobile application is available for download from the Apple AppStore.
This version of the mobile application will works with DM5.5 R3 or greater.

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"The Document Logistix Mobile App makes it easy for our people to connect with business content, quckly and securely, wherever they are."

DM5 Mobile App