Cloud-based SaaS Document Managment from Document Logistix provides a solution to business-critical document management issues.

For some companies and organisations, having an application that uses resources in the Cloud, provides the ideal document management solution. The users are not responsible for hardware maintenance or costs, as the vendor is. Leading document management applications take this one step further with 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) to enable customers to harness the power of Cloud document management. 

With SaaS document management you are not responsible for the maintenance of the application or the servers it runs on, so users can focus on using the application to get their job done. As time goes by, you don’t need staff to upgrade your system, or to monitor servers or your network. All you have to do is plug into the application, and pay only for what you use. SaaS DM is popular with small and medum sized companies, but is also in organisations in which the DM application is used by thousands.

SaaS Document Management / DLX Cloud Key Components

  • Quick & Easy install and use
  • Built-In Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Reliable Security
  • Low Start Up Costs/No Overhead
  • Document Management: Perfect for the small and medium sized businesses

Enjoy Control, Convenience and Compliance with SaaS DM

Cloud based SaaS offers quick and easy document retrieval, permitting saved and automated searches; numerous methods for importing documents easily; scanning, auto-importing, and drag & drop. Document Manager also provides end users with tools such as: Annotation tools for images, Versioning, and Check-In/Check-Out as well as integration with Microsoft® Office. All user actions are fully audited, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies. An API is available for those users wishing to add specific functionality or integrations.

SaaS is Quick & Easy 

  • Instead of installing servers, licenses, and trying to schedule times to coordinate with key office personnel, Document Logistix cloud based solutions take less time to setup, making the initial process quicker to get started
  • Software upgrades are no longer a burden for your IT staff. All users have instant access to software upgrades

Disaster Recovery/Back Up

Physical disaster can threaten company data, but cloud-based ECM has become a real antidote to risks of on-premises data loss.

The benefits of Cloud-based DR and Back Up include: the ability to access your businesses sensitive data at anytime from anywhere; risk mitigation and liability of theft if a disaster strikes; and Cloud back up and redundancy that ensures renewed access to your information instantly.

SaaS Security

DOCUMENT SECURITY: Document Manager provides industry standard security throughout the document lifecycle. Whatever the application there are always concerns over security and privacy of information accessible via the public internet.

Ultimately nothing is hack-proof, as evidenced by the ever frequent high profile news stories of Government agencies or Social Media sites being targeted, however, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the risks, and limit any consequences.

DOCUMENT MANAGER SOFTWARE: Document Manager is architected as a ‘multitier’ application based on HTML-5. Our solution incorporates countermeasures recommended as best practice by OWASP. As well as protecting against external threats we also protect against internal risks, using encryption of key configuration settings and obfuscation of application code.

ENCRYPTION: The document files held in the system are themselves encrypted, so in the extremely unlikely event of the data center security being breached, and access to the document files obtained, their content remains secure. Even trusted data center staff will not have access to document content. All user credentials are hashed with a one way hash that even we cannot decode.

WORKSTATION SECURITY: All temporary files held on the workstation are encrypted.

Documents scanned at the workstation are encrypted whilst on the workstation and decrypted after upload, so any use of shared workstations does not expose information between users.

VALIDATION: Although best practice measures for security are followed by our software engineers and hosting provider(s) we are not complacent enough to believe we are infallible. Our solution has been independently Penetration tested to ensure that nothing has been overlooked, and this process is ongoing. Some of our key customers also commission their own penetration testing.

USER LEVEL SECURITY: User account management is managed by you, or if you prefer we can manage it for you. User password policies can be applied, including mix of alpha/numeric passwords, case sensitive and periodic password changes, including account lock out on failures. All system access is audited so you have a full record of who has had access to which documents, when and where from. For ultimate access control we now offer Multi-Factor authentication requiring a second access code in addition to username and password.

Low Start Up Costs/No Overhead with SaaS DM

  • Don’t want to bear the burden of managing your company’s information with an on premise system and hardware? Moving to a cloud-based solution means your company avoids up-front IT costs and management headaches associated with on-premises technologies.
  • Avoid shelling out big bucks for server’s, licenses, and IT employee costs.
  • Be more prepared for unforeseen disaster’s such as: Fire, Flood or Theft. Cloud based solutions mitigate your risk and liability and provide your business with the ability to be more proactive rather than reactive.

SaaS Document Management: Perfect for the small and medium sized business

  • Provide a central (digital) repository accessible from anywhere
  • Built in Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Reduce dependency on paper
  • More affordable to start up, simply jump online and go
  • No additional costs: Servers, SQL or Microsoft Licenses, or IT employee costs
  • More affordable to use (long term)
  • Product Upgrades are included in the cost

The added advantages of SaaS DM from the developer

  • No internal server hardware, server software or backups to administer
  • Installed on Microsoft Azure data centres, assuring quality and continuity and compliance
  • Option for no up-front server costs, simply a monthly fee for the service period
  • Delivery by the manufacturer of the software, Document Logistix
  • Includes backup and multiple site redundant server instances
  • Maintains full Document Manager administrative and configuration rights
  • Transferrable, can always be moved back to an on-premise server, if desired

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