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Document Logistix's software suite (Document Manager) leads the mid tier electronic document management system provider market. Document Logistix Limited is the only UK based document management company to offer enterprise DM functionality at an SMB software price.

Streamline your business processes

Integrate all your existing document management systems with Document Manager. Our document management solutions range from bulk document scanning and imaging systems to workflow and secure archiving software.

Integration is easy

The Document Manager interface can be configured quickly to integrate with Oracle, SAGE, JD Edwards, Exchequer and SAP systems. It is easy to integrate the document imaging and management system and business applications such as Payroll, Accounts Payable, HR records management, Logistics DM, engineering and manufacturing document management, Proof of Delivery, Vehicle Records and Purchase Invoice Processing. Document Manager is fully integrated with IRIS Exchequer financial software. Document Logistix provides an increasing number of IRIS customers with the document management software required to deliver their compliance and audit requirements.

Implementation is fast

Implementing a business document imaging, archiving and records management system triggers a range of issues relating to legacy archives. These issues can be greatly eased by using Document Logistix's scanning bureau to pre-load your historical documents into the new document management database using archiving software. With our document management services, your new system can "go live from Day 1" with a fully indexed and searchable archive.

Scalable document management - multiple departments

Our document management (DM) software modules can be implemented initially in one department, with tens of users, and then rolled out across the whole organisation to support hundreds or thousands of users in multiple locations, without software changes. Document Logistix Limited provides document imaging and archiving solutions for medium to large sized organizations. As document management inceasingly becomes part of company infrastructure, workflow and business process, you can roll out your capture, retrieval and collaborative processes simply to include accounts, sales, client services, procurement, production, or any other department.

Mobile and flexible document management integration - don't get tied in

When you are looking for an integration partner and document management software specialist, choose one that allows you make changes in the future. Companies naturally change systems periodically, for budget or performance reasons, or to standardise platforms after a merger. Document Manager works with leading Accounts and Analytics software and migrates easily when you switch suppliers, to save implementation costs, give you consistency and eliminate the need for extensive re-training.

Continous R&D - a product with a defined roadmap

Document Manager remains a highly innovative document management solution as it is continually being updated. The latest developments include powerful HTML5 functionality and mobile applications, plus the addition of business functionality. The latest Workflow module comes with a Workflow Designer that enables companies to review their business processes and implement changes simply by dragging and dropping fields and tasks. You can also add a business intelligence dashboard that captures and presents management information from multiple data streams.

Pricing is flexible

Our pricing model extends from small department DM deployments up to records management for the largest enterprises, allowing licensing costs to be controlled. Flexible licenses for concurrent usage allow for low costs in large and diffuse organizations. Modular software architecture means that any DM functionality not required need not be purchased.

Zero capital outlay option

In addition to our standard DM software license, we offer a variety of business document management services, including alternative hosted DM options including in-house and SaaS ECM solutions. The SaaS ECM model also allows us to offer customers a monthly pricing structure for all document management elements, which eliminates capital outlay.

You only buy what you need

Our modular enterprise content management (ECM) software architecture means that you don't pay for functionality that you don't need. There are a number of separate business process automation modules including invoice scanning, invoice management workflow, web interfaces and eCopy MFD solutions that can be added at later stages to your core Document Logistix electronic document management system.

Mobile App


Property Management

Property Management

Property Management companies generate vast quantities of paper and digital documentation. Property Management firms face a big task to optimise asset yield as well as to ensure estate wide operation from tenant agreements to sceduled maintenance and compliance with regualations. Document Logistix helps its property management customers to capture, store, share and retrieve the information contained any document type so that property estates perform better.




Documents contain important information about, among many other matters, manufacturing processes, customer transactions, invoice details, staff or student welfare, training and instruction guides, compliance and legal issues. Whether in paper or digital format, an ever growing and evolving number of documents and records contain most of the knowledge necessary for your organisation to run efficiently and competitively. Document Logistix can help you to manage your company's documented knowledge base to maximum advantage by ensuring it is captured, stored securely, retrieved, shared and archived. Joined-up document workflow helps every department and staff member perform to their best ability without knowledge gaps.



Back Office

Document Management Solutions for Back Office Systems

Organisations can make significant savings by automating manual or semi-manual administration tasks. It is relatively easy to build a business case for the implementation of automated processes that integrate information from a variety of sources. Document Logistix has many years of experience in providing modular solutions. Document Manager enables you to create accessible workflow solutions that integrate data and applications and allow you to run effective rules-based activities that include records retention.



Document Management Solutions for Education

Digital Document Management promotes smotth academic programme management and by optimising information capture and access. Institutions gain from increased enrolment efficiency and are able to plan information management using electronic document management through the entire student cycle, from entry and pastoral administration, through to attainment, qualifications and alumni communications. Document management gives education providers a powerful tool to organise and facilitate the sharing of information to allow adminstrative and teaching staff to have secure, ready access, to view or amend details.


Housing Associations

Housing Associations and Property Management

Housing Associations and Property Management companies generate enormous quantities of paper and digital documentation. They face specific challenges to meet KPIs and tenant needs and to manage regulatory commitments and suppliers. Document Logistix helps its customers to capture, store, share and retrieve the information contained various document types so that estates perform better.



Document Management Solutions for
Human Resources (HR) Departments

Organisations struggle to operate efficiently and meet their strategic goals without an effective Human Resources (HR) department. People and performance are often the keys to a company's competitiveness. So recruitment and retention of the best employees are critical while, at the same time, HR also has to cope with the ever growing demands of compliance, regulation and reporting. Document Manager facilitates effective document management strategy and enables an HR department to cope with the potentially overwhelming burden of statutory and administrative obligations, and to deliver in its business development role.


Business Edition

An Enterprise quality Document Management system

Document Logistix customers frequently introduce a document management solution into a single department with a view to improving administration, for example in Accounts or Human Resources, before scaling the document management system through their organisation to improve collaboration and optimise worklow. Document Logistix can help you to establish the business case for adopting a document management solution by department, by business function or enterprise wide. To service customers evolving requirements Document Logistix provides modular options and a range of purchase and hosting models. For small companies or smaller user numbers, Document Manager Business Edition has preset functions for simple setup and ROI straight out of the box.


Proof of Delivery (POD)

Document Management Solutions for Proof of Delivery (PoD) Systems. 

Today, all customers expect access to reliable Proof of Delivery (PoD) as a minimum service requirement, plus your management team needs access to accurate information in order to operate efficiently and eliminate delays and disputes. Document Manager's PoD system makes it straightforward for your staff to capture, store, share and archive PoDs in a way that fits naturally with your workflow and processes.



BI Dashboard

Records Retention Automation

What We're Really Selling

What we're really selling

An organisation's ability to manage its information across production, sales, administration and regulatory functions goes much further than how it handles its filing! Document Manager provides small, medium and large organisations with the capability to mobilise information so that it becomes a natural part of their internal workflow and can be shared appropriately with third parties when required without placing a burden on precious resources such as time and space. Ultimately, Document Logistix is selling efficiency, improved margin and a return on investment based on a demonstrable business case.