What is Document Manager?

Document management software that integrates with existing systems to centrally capture, index and store all businesses documents.

Why buy from Document Logistix?

Because we have nearly twenty years of Document Management (EDM) experience and more than 400 satisfied clients installed in several countries.

What are the Key Benefits of Document Manager?

  1. Centralised document storage providing enterprise content management.
  2. Instant document access for approved users.
  3. Audit trails improve legislative compliance.
  4. Automate many business workflows.
  5. Improve business continuity with document disaster recovery enabled by document archiving software.
  6. Secure control of document user access.
  7. Eliminate off-site document storage costs with business document scanning.
  8. Improved business decision making.

How many customers use Document Manager?

Over 400 customers use our products. Click here to see the wide range of industry/sectors benefitting from our software.

How long does a typical return on investment take?

It depends on your business process, but anything from 6 to 12 months.

How long does implementation of Document Manager take?

Anything from 1-5 days for a simple installation up to 3 months for a full enterprise solution.

What quality standards does Document Logistix deliver?

BS EN ISO9001, Prince 2 and MCSE, ITIL.

Is training available?

Document Logistix run full training courses in Milton Keynes.

How scalable is Document Manager?

A single department can be scaled to a huge organisation without software changes.

Is Document Manager too much for my simple requirements?

No, Document Manager can scale from the simplest image archiving needs to a fully integrated and automated workflow solution. There are organisations from small 3 man businesses to entire USA State public departments using it.

Where is Document Manager developed?

Document Manager is developed on-site at our office in Milton Keynes, UK.

Is Document Manager a modular solution?

Users can choose modules from a list including workflow, web interfaces and eCopy MFD solutions. For a summary of available modules click here.

Can Document Manager integrate with third party software systems?

Integration with Exchequer, Great Plains, JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP and others is implemented at a number of customers.

Is Document Manager legally compliant?

Document Manager can help any business gain compliancy through a number of mechanisms. Documents are held in a way that results in them being classed as legally admissible. In addition, the system includes a comprehensive audit trail of all activities, a security model for both the contents and user privileges, and the facility to ensure records are read-only so that they cannot be modified in any way.