Data Governance, Risk, Compliance and Retention: the future of electronic document management

Today document management has morphed into enterprise content management, or ECM. ECM is both a strategy and a set of applications that help organisations to achieve business outcomes. Records management becomes part of a company’s capability to meet compliance requirements.

Corporate compliance, legal and risk officers at companies of all sizes are turning to technology to manage compliance risks. Information security concerns have meant that more attention is focused on risks from legal, regulatory and privacy perspectives; as well as the potential for misuse of information by employees, customers or partners.

Most organisations, regardless of industry, have some level of need for compliance and information governance. Time stamped audit trails can play a significant part in reducing risk.

Information lifecycle management
With new ECM systems, information managers can expand their strategies to focus on managing content, in electronic and physical documents, throughout its lifecycle, from creation to archiving, and finally deletion to comply with retention requirements.

Access all media
Records management programmes are the foundation for information governance. They encompass records of all kinds, including paper documents, digital documents, digital files, email and emerging social media content.

Document management and beyond
Records management today is more than a technology platform. Much of the content that comes into an organisation — or is generated by employees — is directly or indirectly linked to processes. Enterprise content management systems integrate with one or more line-of-business systems and drive or interact with the organisation’s workflow system.

Digitisation: the future for operational processes and governance management
On the one hand, digitisation creates new risks, while on the other, digital records provide new ways for companies to organise, monitor and record information in ways that improve operational processes and also help to manage risk.

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