Dan Wajzner

I'm Dan Wajzner, Managing Director of Document Logistix, with responsibility for ensuring that our products and services deliver real, demonstrable value to our clients.

After various degrees in Biochemistry, Genetics, Computer Science and research in Computer Vision, I worked for technology-centric management consultancies. I led projects across a broad range of industry sectors and gained valuable experience of how organisations create value through optimisation of processes, technology and supporting organisations. I then worked as Group CTO for a multinational software company with a portfolio of industry leading products.

Tim and I founded Document Logistix in order to focus on Document Management & Workflow and to ensure that we could invest in our products, people and customers.

Tim, Kim and I are very grateful for the support of our customers and excited to be able to bring new products and services to the market that make a tangible difference to the companies, departments and individual members of staff who use them.

When not at work I enjoying spending time with my family, dogs and horses. I also follow Bedford Blues, Brighton & Hove Albion and Sussex County Cricket.

Tim Cowell

Founder of the business in '96 and creator of the document management software.

Having gained my degree in Computer Science at Aston University in the days of punch cards, I first worked for an IT consultancy firm before joining the R&D team at Epson. My 10 years at Epson gave me valuable experience in R&D, Customer Services, Management and Consultancy, before I finally decided I could do it better and started a Document Management business.

It's been an emotional ride along the way! I've seen many changes in the business and there is a passion in it that keeps me hooked. I love the technical challenge, I love to win, I love it when a plan comes together, and right now it is.

The industry and the product are always evolving. When we first started, the early adopters wanted relatively simple image archiving systems, now we deliver complex automated business systems into a mature market with workflow and portable devices.

This is not just a business it is my life! Dan and Kim are great partners and we are supported by a long serving, reliable and knowledgable team.

While not teaching the developers how to suck eggs, I enjoy a variety of hobbies including motorcycling, DIY and fishing.

Kim Kuykendall

I initially worked with Document Logistix as a VAR then bought into this growing business in 2007.

I love Document Logistix software and how it permanently changes our customers' businesses and enables them to operate more effectively.  

I have been in the document management space since 2000 and started selling Document Manager as a reseller in 2002. I am passionate about our company and have enjoyed watching it grow. I thrive on helping our customers to attain their goals, which in turn helps Document Logistix to achieve the next level of success.

We may be a relatively small company, but we have fantastic executive staff, and development and support teams that keep us at the leading edge of technology and our customers happy.

As a true Texan, I enjoy hunting, fishing and working on the ranch with my family.

John Fernandes

As the Operations Director, my responsibilities include management of the Customer Support Team, The Scan Bureau, Training, HR and Internal QA procedures.

As a long serving member of Document Logistix Ltd, previously a co-founder of Tokairo Ltd, I have more than 18 years’ experience in the Document Management sector.

It is always rewarding when customers attend training courses and return to their places of work full of ideas on how they can implement and maximise the use of Document Management.

The Scan Bureau team work to tight timescales to deliver scan solutions to our customer base.  Our Support department keep up with the daily challenges of keeping our customers happy.

I have seen the company mature but our staff and core strength remain. The key to success has always been effective communication at all levels no matter what level of technical skills you have.

My personal interests are leisure cycling,  Asian cooking and a voluntary “pitch-coordinator” at our local football club. I spend time quality time with my lovely family and my children keep me on my toes!


Help Desk

Karnal Panesar

Over the years I have worked in most areas on the IT industry, from server and back office support to print, development and software testing. 

I am currently the helpdesk supervisor at Document Logistix responsible for ensuring that customer issues and queries are addressed in a timely fashion. 

When not in the office I enjoy photography, science fiction and real ale. 

Jerome Dairion

I am Jerome and I work on the Support desk dealing with customer queries and support calls.

I have been at DLX for a year and I'm still learning new things every day.

The team here are great and will help you out when an issue occurs. The wealth of knowledge available about our products is vast. I come from a Support background and have been doing that for the last 10 years, so working here is different from my norm, but I find my previous experience helps.

We're a good team here and we all do our best for our users and customers.

Frank Schwing

I’ve worked with Document Logistix, both as a user and providing support, since 2003. 

During this time I’ve been able to watch the products and company grow.

In providing support and integration services, I’ve come to really love the products and all the people involved. I look forward to many more years of using and supporting this wonderful company.

When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my two daughters and training in mixed martial arts.


Jerry Sanders

After two brief stints as a super-villain attempting world domination……..

I decided computers might be a better way to make a living. I received a BS degree in Computer Science with a math minor and have spent the last 20+ years specializing in document management and business process automation. I do at times miss the “good ole days”. :-)

I enjoy fishing (with Tim and Kim when I can), the Dallas Cowboys (#1 America’s Team), music (love the live music scene in Austin), MMO gaming (I still get in some world domination), and hanging out with friends and family (party on!).


Anh Hoang

Anh enjoys learning about the way businesses use document manager to become more efficient. Providing customers with the best service through support, integration and training is his passion.

Anh is a Senior Systems Engineer and has worked in the IT Industry for over 5 years. Anh says, “The thing I love about this company is getting to be involved in a growing team that helps customers become more efficient and happy.”

Anh enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and learning about the latest gadgets.

Sales Team

Jason Field

Jason is a pre sales consultant at Document Logistix.

He has worked for the company for more than 2 years and has enjoyed his time here more than anywhere else he has worked.

The working highlight for Jason is that, whether on the road or working from the office, you are surrounded by a willing team with expertise to help with any problem that may arise.

In his spare time Jason plays cards, watches football, loves to cook and is especially happy when combining 56 herbs and spices... and likes to beat Paul at squash.

Emilie Barlow

Emilie is French and has been working for Document Logistix as a Sector Sales Manager for the past 3 years and living in the UK for 18 years.

Emilie is responsible for 5 sectors: Legal, Accounting, Property Management, Housing Associations and Insurance.

Emilie is a keen networker and travels to London several times a week to meet clients and generate new business opportunities.

In her spare time she is a fitness fanatic and if she is not working, walking her dogs or taking care of her little boy, you will find her in her local gym doing martial arts and weight lifting.

Kevin Kurek

Kevin has 20 plus years in the IT industry around Document Management, Content Management and Document Capture and Processing sectors. 

He has worked in a variety of positions including Manager of a Data Centre, Consultant, Project Manager and Pre-Sales Consultant with various industry leaders both in the US and the UK.

He has been based in the UK for more than 14 years now, enjoying the English weather and expanding his knowledge of cricket. 

He enjoys motorcycling and travelling both in the UK and on the continent as much as possible.

Charl Sheehan

Two of the directors of Document Logistix left Epson UK to start their own company in 1996. I followed them two years later and have never looked back.

What was great then, as it still is now, is that there is a creative spirit in meeting customer requirements. The variety of solutions has made it all the more interesting.

In 1998 I started as a System Support Engineer and over the years I have taken on numerous roles. One early job I gave myself (I saw needing doing) was to rebuild the company's website. This was at a time when Facebook, Twitter and personal email addresses didn't exist.

The importance and enjoyment of telling others of our creative spirit has not diminished. Today I bring all that experience of seeing the many solutions being deployed and changing over the years to new customers.

Even after all these years, I still have the need to display my youthful side and creativity on the football pitch. You are welcome to come to see me in action.

Dan Chiappe

Dan joined Document Logistix as the Sr. Account Manager for the Americas in July of 2014. 

Dan has over 5 years of experience in inside sales and account management.  He started out generating sales leads for clients such as; ADT Security, Dell, and ADP Payroll.  He has extensive knowledge with SaaS platforms, as he worked for Volusion e-commerce.  He has a passion for solving clients’ problems, while providing exceptional service.  When he is not at work, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, watching sports, and volunteering at his church.


Professional Services

James Dickson

I have 15 years' experience in the software industry delivering tailored solutions to businesses large and small.

A considerable portion of my work is with large Logistics customers, notably DHL, TNT. Gist and Ceva Logistics where I have implemented many solutions including POD Capture, HR records archive and retrieval, invoice workflow and automated invoice capture.

I enjoy the challenge of managing the professional services team and of working with other areas of the business. I provide creative professional solutions by working in partnership with customers and their suppliers, using the most appropriate tools and people to satisfy business requirements.

In my spare time I am a frequently found under water photographing wrecks and other divers.

Paul Lockett

Having started back in 2004 in a Helpdesk role I quickly moved from Support into the Customer Solutions department. 

Over the years my role within Customer Solutions has taken me the length and breadth of the country to implement our applications into a large variety of customers with a large variety of systems. 

Each customer and system requirement is different so when you walk into a new project you never quite know what is in store this time around. 

When not working I spend as much time with my partner and our family.

Development Team

Steve Adams

My role at Document Logisitx is Development Team Manager.

I have worked for the company for 15 years and have a wealth of technical and product knowledge gained over those years.

The company produces excellent innovative business solutions and I have enjoyed the various roles I have held and the people I work with.

Currently I manage a team of 5 developers and a small QA\Technical team who produce, test and document all the software we produce. I am involved in the day to day management of the development team from managing software projects, technical architectures to actual hands on coding. I am a hard-working, dynamic and dependable business professional who has the boldness and vision to initiate new ideas and implement innovative projects through creative direction.

We have some exciting new products on the horizon in development so watch this space!


James Harrison

Hi, I'm James Harrison. I'm the new Senior Developer here at Document Logistix.

I am here to guide the development team, and help make our products to be as good as they can be. I pride myself on attention to detail and designing winning user interfaces.

I believe that as you only live once, you've got to do things right. I find thrills where I can, I won't stress myself when things go wrong and I've been known to do a little dancing or jig in the middle of the office. I'm pretty sure that I make those around me smile and enjoy their work.

Michael Randall

Having recently graduated from university, working as a developer here at Document Logistix is my first job. 

I enjoy creating software and have especially enjoyed the challenge of creating mobile applications. 

The team feeling here is great and I have found the support from the development team to be excellent in the early stages of my career.

During my free time, I enjoy watching various sports, with rugby union, cricket and motorsports being my current favourites.

Simon Burnham

I'm a technical author with 15 years' experience writing in a number of different software development environments, which helps with communication both in user documentation and with colleagues.

I joined Document Logistix nearly four years ago and am responsible for producing and maintaining user documentation and training materials. I enjoy my work and working with good people in Document Logistix.

I'm a huge fan of most sports, especially football, and 'enjoy' following my home-town club, Portsmouth.

Appropriately enough, I like to tackle life with good humour! I also enjoy travelling abroad and dining out; preferably a combination of both.

Tayo Oyeleye

I joined Document Logistix as a Test Analyst five years ago and was immediately fascinated by the company's work culture, its Innovative approach and the drive to be at the forefront of the industry.

Prior to working at Document Logistix, I had ten years of testing experience in various companies in different industries. As the Test Analyst, my role involves the verification and validation of the various applications developed by our talented in-house development team. 

I am just one of the many parts that make up the sum of the whole at Document Logistix.

Logan Filby

After finishing my course at university, I joined Document Logistix for my first job in the IT industry.

I work as a Software Engineer and work on some of the products used by our customers.

I prefer to work on more code-heavy projects with complex functionality rather than do things like client-side interface design.

Outside of work I enjoy playing video games and watching comedy TV shows and stand-up comedy, among other things

Aaron Earley

I am the Director of Support and Development at our US Office.

I have occupied various positions in technical support and development for 15 years and have been with the Document Logistix team since 2009.


Carol Fox

Well, the job title of Finance Manager just covers part of my job.

Apart from Finance I am responsible for issuing licences, company procurement and our annual support revenue.

I endeavour to liaise with all departments to help with the smooth processing our customers' needs.  I have continued contact with our customers which I enjoy, albeit once a year in some cases.

When I joined the company many years ago we were a small team of 12 people. Most of those 12 are still here. There have been several changes over the years and although many more people work here we maintain a vibrant team

spirit. Uncharacteristically for a boring Finance Person I am quite creative and enjoy many craft projects in my spare time. I enjoy spending time with friends at home or out and about.

Tonya Smith

I have been with the Document Logistix Team since 2011.

I provide the day to day operations and support in our US Office - helping to keep Kim organized.

Outside of work I love spending time with my two granddaughters, Rachel and Abby.

Customer Services

Amy Cowell

Amy Cowell is the Office Receptionist at DLX, as well as part of the Bureau team during out of office times.

She is a keen worker and enjoys supporting and working for her father's business. She has many responsibilities across the company, including; customer support, training, managing project deadlines and organising office supplies.

Amy has recently achieved her BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education, as well as obtaining Level 2 in British Sign Language. 

When not at work Amy enjoys playing games, watching movies and socialising with her friends.

Samantha Grant

Samantha works as a document prepper within the Bureau.

Her responsibilities include priority projects and training.

Sam has recently gained a degree in primary education, as well as working towards her A Level Two in British Sign Language.

While not at work she enjoys going swimming with friends, reading books and watching films.

Sue Cowell

Sue Cowell has worked within the Bureau department from the start of the business, more than 10 years ago, alongside her sister Rose.

Her responsibilities within the Bureau are to ensure that deadlines are met every day, that all queries are answered, to manage workloads across the Bureau team, training and admin work. 

Sue has completed her Microsoft Computer training, is hard working and highly committed to DLX.

During her free time she enjoys walking her dog, socialising with her friends and family as well as visiting dainty little villages within the UK. 

Rose Stanbridge

I work within the heart of the Bureau Department as the Team Leader.

I am strong willed and a highly organised woman.

Having worked for more than 10 years in scanning services, I have gained many skills including strong customer relationship management, effective query chasing within the department, time management and providing support to my line manager.

I am computer literate and confident working with Document Manager Software and all Microsoft programs. 

Interests are my family, aquarobics, swimming, reading and exploring the UK.