Enterprise Report Manager module

With the Enterprise Report Manager (ERM) module all new documents generated by a mainframe or other computers are stored directly into Document Logistix's digital document management system. Users can search for and view documents online from their workstation via their familiar transaction system screens using simple shortcut keys.

ERM is ideal for access between remote sites or across busy networks. Retrieval is quick because each document is small, typically 2 - 5Kb per page, compared to 40 - 50Kb for the equivalent scanned document.

ERM allows you to:

  • Control access to printed reports.

  • Reduce printing and facilities costs.

  • Automatically capture, index and import documents to Document Manager.

  • Minimise network traffic.

  • View documents on screen as if they had been printed.

  • Perform text searches within a document.

  • Annotate documents.

  • Avoid re-keying data from one system to another