The Workflow module is a robust, scalable automation engine for document process, such as Purchase Order approval. It provides system architects with tools to design and build highly efficient information flows that implement business logic, rules and policies.

Latest news: With Document Manager 5, anyone can use the Dynamic Workflow Designer simply to drag and drop workflow fields, label them, see workflow build on screen and implement.

Workflow software allows the information architect to automate the creation of each document, configure a sequence of notifications to parties such as approvers, and determine which documents will be archived in the document management system.

Comprising an integral part of an organization's enterprise content management system, the status of documents can be controlled at every process point - an integral part of BPM (Business Process Management) -, removing any doubt about the path that each document will follow:

  1. Individuals are automatically alerted to process events.

  2. Reports show status of all documents within workflow.

  3. Users can be allocated specific tasks and authority.

  4. Roles and rules can be modified at any time.

  5. Additional security can be added to any workflow stage.

  6. Users can add comments at any stage of a workflow.