Improved handling and centralisation of logistics documentation

Logistics operations generate and manage a substantial volume of documentation including customer records, invoices, Proof of Delivery documents, Goods Received Notes, MOT tests, vehicle tax certificates, incident reports; and HR documentation.

Electronic document management of all these documents in an effective and centralised manner is crucial to running a large, geographically distributed operation. Document Logistix distributed document management provides both onsite and enterprise-wide document management for BPM (Business Process Management) in companies with national or international freight and distribution services.

With powerful document archiving and imaging features, Document Manager integrated document management system links the documents generated and captured all over the logistics organisation and enables them to be centralised into one well designed hub. Document Manager provides instant and simultaneous access to documents for staff across the logistics organisation, accelerating reconciliations and improving cash flow. A truly enterprise content management solution can be achieved by the addition of optional workflow software and email archiving software modules.

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We know every industry has its own special imperatives and vocabulary. For that reason we have created a micro-site dedicated to the needs of logistics companies. Document Manager is flexible and can be tailored to the terms of reference used within your organisation and can also be integrated with other leading solutions used within logistics and supply chain management. You can achieve both workflow and point solutions that mirror and enhance your preferred processes so there's no need to compromise with generic content. To find out more about document management for logistics simply click the link below.

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Document Manager streamlines document archiving at American Bank of New Jersey. Established nearly a hundred years ago, American Bank of New Jersey provides a traditional community save and loan service. The bank provides the finest financial products and services available, backed by the latest technologies.

ABNJ Senior VP Eric Heyer
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