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Document Management best practice

DMS best practice | Mistakes to avoid

Document Logistix has helped many hundreds of customers in the UK and USA to plan for electronic document management, prepare for implementation, manage operational change, and promote ongoing training and best practice.

Adopting an electronic document management system (DMS) involves operational change and sometimes culture change within an organisation.

Pre-Installation analysis and staged roll-out enables staff to make the most of their abilities, customers and suppliers to enjoy higher levels of service, and ensures a company achieves the full ROI on its electronic document management investment.

  1. DMS Business case.
    The business case needs to be developed. The paperless office is the goal of all green thinking individuals. We all want to show off our green credibility. We all want the latest technology. Yet spending on new systems must still make sound business sense and deliver a ROI (Return on Investment). When the technology costs more than the business benefit, something will eventually give.
  2. Staff allocation.
    You have the DM system but give thought to the process of capturing the incoming documents and the staff time required. The business case will demonstrate whether the initial staff time is outweighed by the cost savings down the line.
  3. The original goal.
    Never lose site of the original DMS goal, the original purpose and the business case underpinning the reason for change.
  4. Culture of change.
    Culture change takes time, especially if the current process has been around for years. Some people love paper and processing things by hand. Unless electronic document management implementation is managed carefully change can cause panic or mistrust. Trust in the unknown.
  5. Never look back.
    You have to continue to believe in the DMS business case and keep moving.
  6. One small DMS step for a department, one giant leap for the company.
    Start DMS implementation small, shout about the success and look to future electronic document management development possibilities.
  7. Continual staff DMS training and process refreshment.
    Never take the Document Management solution for granted. Always expect better and always expect more positive change.
  8. Remember that Document Management is simple.
    Make capture and saving information simple. Capture what is important and capture with the right amount of detail.
  9. Create a Document Management policy.
    A document management policy simply tells users what, when and how to capture, create, save and share documents.
  10. It is all or nothing.
    You have to have everyone giving their all to creating, saving and sharing.

Electronic document management: mistakes to avoid

A common problem facing many businesses: digital documents stored in multiple locations or personal accounts. As the amount of digital information grows at an ever-faster rate, this chaotic approach to document management is highly inefficient. From time-consuming search for the correct document version, to slowed business processes, more mistakes occur and costs rise.

Mistake 1: don’t treat the DMS as an application

A document management system is a platform and not an application like part of the MS Office suite. Document Manager has many features for managing documents (version management, search, metadata, etc) which, with configuration, can be used to build applications. 

Mistake 2: don’t make things too complex

The majority of employees just want to get their work done and are not interested in filling metadata or handling workflow tasks if there’s no added value for them. Document Manager makes it easier for staff to use the system than not to use it

Mistake 3: insufficient change management

Implementation of a document management system could affect a significant number of your employees. At Document Logistix, we involve project stakeholders from the start, conduct thorough end-user training and provide ongoing support to ensure users understand and are comfortable with Document Manager.

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