Dynamic permissions for Protecting Confidential Information

Dynamic permissions for document management tasks

Dynamic Permissions in Document Management protect confidential information and enforce privacy policies

Dynamic permissions provides an effective way to secure and protect sensitive information. The risk of leaked information can be contained by protecting documents from unauthorised access.

The addition of definitions and the ability to enforce policies regarding who is allowed to access, edit and approve documents enables organisations to implement a robust strategy for protecting confidential information.

The challenge is to create a folder structure for certain users to have full access to specific folders in a drawer that is automated, without the need for a manual process and constant intervention to set permissions. For other users, you can grant or deny access dynamically to these folders based on an index value.

Case Example: Groups

Employee_Advisors: Advisor users receive permissions to all folders in the Employee Incidents drawer. Advisor Only sub-folder contains documents that are only to be viewed/edited this Advisor group.

Employee_Users: Users with permissions may only view documents within the folder associated with their name. Advisor Only sub-folder and documents are not visible to this Employee_Users group in the Employee folder.

Below is a sample of an Employee Incidents drawer with dynamic permissions
Dynamic permissions

When an Employee Advisor creates a new folder for an employee the permissions are automatically and correctly generated.  For the Advisor Group and the Employee selected in the EmployeeName folder index both will have access to this folder.  The Advisors Only sub-folder’s permissions are set so that only the Employee_Advisors group have access to this sub-folder. 

When logged in as Employee Advisor it is possible to view all folders
Dynamic permissions

When logged in as Employee User it is only possible to view the assigned folder, and the user cannot view Advisor Only sub-folder and contents of that folder.
Dynamic permissions

Dynamic permissions are automatically applied when a document or a folder is created or amended (index fields change).

Whether or not, and how, dynamic permissions are applied, can be determined simply by checking tick boxes:

  • Set on Creation  (When the document or folder is created)
  • Set on Modify (When the document or folder indexes are changed)
  • Set Document Permissions (Set permissions for the document)
  • Set Folder Permissions (Set permissions for the folder and sub folders)

Dynamic permissions in document management is admin-light and protects your sensitive information.

Ask any questions you may have about Dynamic permissions in document management.


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