Sports Club Document Management Software

Sports Club Management Software

Manage all aspects of sports business information

Electronic document management helps sports clubs and sports organisations in every aspect of their business and operations.

Are you involved in admin at a football, rugby, cricket, swimming or other professional sports club?

Profitability; Fan Loyalty; Ticket Holder, Member and Customer satisfaction are high priorities for sports clubs and organisations.

Electronic document management software helps sports clubs in many ways, from membership registration, ticketing and facilities management, all the way though Accounts and invoicing, to Human Resources (HR) for club management, staff and players.
Sports Clubs

Are you a sports leisure club or centre manager looking for management software?

Sometimes sports leisure clubs are as competitive about their systems and administration as they are about their performances on the field of play. Systems performance expectations run high when a business aims to be competitive.

A document management system with automated processes, approvals and workflow capability, smart databases and accurate search functions give sports administrators the edge and allow staff to concentrate on running the club rather than low-level admin tasks.

Capture information that arrives in paper or digital format. Manage supporter and Club information across a range of business activities:

  • Membership
  • Ticketing 
  • Accounting
  • Facilities management
  • Health and safety
  • Human resources

A simple front-end dashboard allows users to view documents in an intuitive folder structure. Taking facilities management information as an example of one department, you can keep all maintenance records, vehicle records, security documents, and everything essential to the smooth running of buildings and grounds, in one central digital location and associated them with automated alerts so no schedule is missed.

Customisable document types and associated metadata allow flexibility for your sports organisation’s specific documentation, which can include everything from meetings minutes to rule books and safety policies.

By implementing electronic document management across your organisation you can achieve line-of-sight for management across the business for all KPIs. Or you can start at department level such as Accounts or Facilities Management, and expand and integrate when the time is right.

Book a demo with a company that understands sports club management software.

The key when choosing a document or information processing supplier for your sports club or organisation is to select one who can demonstrate they understand the sporting business world.

Find out more about Cloud, SaaS and Mobile options. When you enquire about a software demonstration we’ll show you how our solution works with your club’s processes, data fields, naming conventions and data. You’ll gain a great view of what the future could look like, with automation and streamlined document processes, and a full understanding on the returns on investment.

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