Document filing and indexing solution

Document filing and indexing

Document management filing and indexing solution

Document management with efficient filing and indexing and means you can handle large volumes of information and provide instant access and reliable answers.

“In a minute” is no longer good enough. When it comes to information, we live in a world that expects “now” and accurate.

Transform your processes with document filing and indexing software

Document Manager enables you to turn documents into data and use data cature to improve document processing. Finding the right document indexing solution transforms your processes:

  • Eliminates manual data entry and document routing 
  • Increases data accuracy and provides instant access to data 
  • Enables you to increase document volume without more resources 
  • Saves you and supports compliance with automatic indexing

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce defection

If you can’t provide accurate information when a customer wants to know the status of their order or account, there’s a good chance they’ll go somewhere else. To provide accurate information, be it to a customer, co-worker or supplier, there has to be one version of the truth that is immediately to hand.

Even companies that have the majority of their documents in digital format still face issues of access and version control if information is unstructured or stored in too many places.

There are hundreds of support activities in a business, from ordering raw materials, to manufacturing, dispatching goods, approvals processes, hiring staff, infrastructure management, invoicing and cash collection.

Cope with high volumes with efficient indexing 

Each step in business is information-heavy with paper and electronic documents. The faster you can capture, file, index and process the information from the mail room, your in-tray or your email inbox, the easier it is to say “now” rather than “I’ll look into it.” With efficient filing and indexing you can give a positive answer rather than a "maybe."

Electronic document management software harnesses important information so you can store, file, index, retrieve and share information. Knowledge worker staff can perform their roles efficiently, whether they are in a service, production or support position. In turn, you have satisfied customers.

In a non commercial environment, the information could be anything from student applications to property accounts or police records. Document management software makes it straightforward to file, index and manage large amounts of information and eliminate costly delays and disruption.

Digital filing and indexing spin-off benefits

A considered document management framework means that companies can enforce reliable file organisation and optimise their business processes. There are also valuable spin-off benefits, which include greater security with permission controls, reduced risk of loss, remote access from multiple locations and field operatives, and, with centrally housed documents, the capability to customise a rules-based workflow to ensure consistent performance and maximum output.

Ready to learn more about indexing and filing? Ask a question about how you could enhance your current filing set-up.


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