Document management software for insurance companies and brokers

Digital document management system for insurance companies

Digital document management improves insurance company's claims process

Prior to implementing the new claims management system an insurance claims handler would waste precious time retrieving physical records from various filing structures. This inefficiency in insurance information retrieval resulted in claimants calling with queries being put on hold while the relevant information was gathered and, in some cases when the information could not be found in a timely manner, the claimant had to be called back later.

Inefficient claims processing is costly for the insurance company and frustrating for the customers.

With their new document management system, Document manager, the insurance company Markerstudy has eradicated misfiling, lost files and significantly reduced call times with policy holders as their the claim handlers have up to date information at their fingertips. As a result, both customer service and claims department morale have improved.

Effective insurancec claims process document management plays an important role in customer satisfaction, customer retention and referrals.

Key benefits of Document Management software to insurance firms

Streamline insurance paper work processes

The operations of insurance companies become more efficient and important information flows freely with electronic document-based workflows. Productivity increases and improved customer satisfaction can be measured alongside ROI in savings in manual processes, physical space and paper.

Improve insurance regulatory compliance

Insurance managers can take advantage of electronic document management systems to improve compliance with Solvency II, FSA and other regulatory requirements. Document Manager provides a full time-stamped audit trail of user and system activity. Document Manager’s retention module helps with records management and compliance with GDPR.

Improve insurance documentation security

With electronic document based processes organisations benefit from permission-based document access control. Confidential documents containing personal data are captured electronically upon receipt and stored centrally in a secure repository. Electronic capture eliminates the risk of document loss, interference or damage, while Document manager ensures information is only made available on a controlled basis via audited channels.Insurance company case study

Enable remote working

Document Logistix document management technology provides centralised access to insurance documents. Documents can be shared quickly and accurately with remote collaborators such as adjusters, agents or legal contacts to facilitate efficient claims settlement. Electronic document management also facilitates field workers and teleworking for document-driven processes such as claim handling, approvals and underwriting.

Integrated insurance document capture platform

Electronic document management enables insurance companies to integrate insurance process documents from multiple communication channels. Insurers can quickly capture and process claim forms, correspondence and case files on a single platform whether they arrive by post, email, web form or any other delivery.

Distributed workforce enablement

Business process documents such as claim forms or invoices can be captured using in-house capture systems and uploaded to secure Cloud hosting. Document Manager enables insurance companies to decide how processes are administered, in-house, remotely, or by associates or third parties.


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