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e-Discovery case and evidence management systems for transparency

Attorneys offices are implementing electronic technology and e-Discovery software to embed best practice for criminal case discovery and disclosure. Document Logistix is a leader in electronic document management in law enforcement and legal case proceedings.

Document Logistix e-Discovery solution makes it possible for all parties in a legal case to access legal case files and evidence in multiple formats, text, audio, photographs, images and video recordings. The system generates a full audit trail of who has accessed case evidence and used e-Discovery. The e-Discovery system facilitates full disclosure of evidence.

Document Logistix helps District Attorney offices to meet compliance obligations and received this highly favorable review of its innovative e-Discovery work.

“With the help of Kim Kuykendall and her team at Document Logistix, the Waller County District Attorney’s office has become the leader in Texas, and possibly the US, in criminal case discovery compliance. Collaborating with Document Logistix and nationally known prosecutor Warren Diepraam, we have produced a product that not only ensures open and honest criminal prosecutions, but also helps protect prosecutors from Brady claims and streamlines the sharing of information.”

As well as transparency, cost reductions are a big benefit of e-Discovery innovation. Best practice recommendations encourage parties to confer to resolve problems associated with stored information in the most cost-effective manner to avoid duplicating expense. The parties must certify compliance with this obligation to confer before any discovery motion is filed.

Another aspect of new discovery recommendations suggests that information should be available for examination at a location other than government offices, which makes e-Discovery an ideal solution to save time and effort.

In the US legal system, measure are being introduced to manage cases more effectively where the volume and nature of evidence and discovery materials increase the complexity of the case.

However, the lead driver in Texas for greater transparency is ‘Brady disclosure’ which prescribes that information and evidence that is material to the guilt or innocence, or to the punishment of a defendant, is made available. The term comes from the U.S. Supreme Court case, Brady v. Maryland, in which the Supreme Court ruled that suppression by the prosecution of evidence favorable to a defendant who has requested it violates due process. Following Brady, the prosecutor must disclose evidence or information that would prove the innocence of the defendant or would enable the defense to impeach the credibility of government witnesses more effectively. Evidence that would serve to reduce the defendant’s sentence must also be disclosed by the prosecution.


Document Logistix’ Document Manager e-Discovery system has placed many agencies among the most progressive agencies in the USA.

  • Become compliant with Article 39.14 Discovery/Michael Morton Act. Document Logistix automates that process by producing a document for compliance with state law.
  • Eliminate the arguments between prosecutors and defense attorneys about what information was provided and when.
  • Streamline the sharing of case  and evidence files to defense attorneys and with open records requests.
  • Ensure fair representation. The dcooument Logistix Audit Trail tool tracks who opens a file and when, documenting place and time.

Please contact Document Logistix in the USA or UK if you are interested to discuss e-Discovery case management or your legal document management requirements.

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