Senior execs focus on margins, BI and operational efficiency

What does document management
mean for senior executives?

Followers of Gartner will have seen some changes in focus in recent years. The very early days of document management started with a drive to reduce paper and reduce storage space. Subsequent DM and EDMS evolutions saw the introduction of workflow automation. For senior executives up-to-date information is vital, so business intelligence dashboards across a range of business functions have become a valuable extension of document management.

The category names have been changing too. What Gartner used to refer to as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompassed document management, content management, records management and other variations. Today the trend in ECM is towards content services models.

Document Logistix brings innovative server-side functionality to businesses that does not compromise on the effectiveness delivered by comprehensive solutions typically delivered via rich client technology.

Document Logistix also offers decision makers greater flexibility when it comes to document management licensing models. Historical user licences (Read-only and Full licence) are not always appropriate or cost effective, so Document Logistix offers named, concurrent and hybrid licensing options that are popular with purchasers.

Some of the key EDMS business benefits of Document Manager for senior management are:

CEO  Profitability Document Manager boosts cash flow and protects margins
Finance Director    ROI A quick, measurable return on investment
Production Manager QA An end-to-end process with checkpoint actions
IT Director Integration Centralised control, departmental and systems integration
Sales Director BI A clear view of orders delivery with alerts and escalation
Logistics Manager    Efficiency Delivery, proof, maintenance, safety
HR Director Simplicity Easy records access and automated retention
Compliance Officer Compliance Fast, reliable audit trails. GDPR and industry compliance

It is important for all senior executives to select a company-wide document information management system that works across information capture, data management and records disposal. Today, information silos and data gaps hamper productivity, so integration, access, visibility and security are vital.

Document Logistix is happy to introduce you to the latest in document management technology and provide a demonstration using your organisation’s data and terms of reference.

ROI for Document Management

Storage, retrieval, security? Time to approvals, better cash flow? Or soft benefits such as customer satisfaction? CTO Tim Cowell suggests ways to measure ROI on DM.



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