(IRIS) Exchequer integration: Integrate Exchequer Accounts, document management and back office systems,

Exchequer integration: Accounts, data and document management

Integrate Exchequer with back office and other data systems

Are you looking for a specialist document management company for integration services to get more value from your accounting software investments?

Document Manager integrates with leading accounts and finance packages. If you are specifically interested in integrating document management with Exchequer, you will find Document Logistix is among the most experienced integration partners available to you. 

Exchequer is the trademark of Advanced Computer Software Group and was formerly known as Iris Exchequer. Exchequer is a powerful accounting and finance package that includes management reporting, time saving automation, rapid access to key financials, flexible bank reconciliations, effective stock control and multi-currency capability. 

Finding the right software and technology partner will help you to maintain current systems and anticipate future integration issues to get systems working together for the benefit of the company, your staff and customers.

Twenty years of intregration experience. Keep your Exchequer preferences.

Document Logistix has more than twenty years’ experience working with accounts departments in many industry sectors. As a Finance or IT Director, you can take advantage of our successful implementation of hundreds of systems integration projects.
Systems integration

You should also check to see whether your solutions provider has plans to develop their product to work with evolving technologies and meet emerging business challenges. Document Logistix invests continually in the development of its document management solutions. You will benefit from the benefits of enhanced HTML5 performance, web access and mobile apps. You can also add more business functionality, such as a simple drag and drop Workflow Designer that allows you to create rules-based processes and implement them without the need of programming expertise.

Working with integration specialists, you are not tied to specific products

Additional advantages of working with a document management integration specialist are (1) you are not tied to a single accounts package and (2) you can include other departments and non-accounts documents in your capture, storage, retrieval and collaborative processes.

Most companies will change their accounts systems periodically for performance or budget reasons, or to achieve standardisation after a merger. With Document Manager, you can migrate your document management system at the same time and maintain familiarity. You can also extend your business processes and integrate accounts with HR, Customer Services, Procurement and other departments.

Trouble-free integration for core accounting and finance functions such as:

  • Field mappings
  • Application configuration
  • Show documents
  • Multiple document types
  • Document conversion
  • Removal of Documents
  • Data capture options
  • Automatic barcode printing
  • Print capture
  • Printer configuration
  • Multiple fields
  • Workflow
  • Branch invoicing
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Automatic updates
  • Transaction lines

Document Logistix Document Manager is available with an installer solution that will install and configure the entire integration between Document Manager and Exchequer. It has also has a Workflow option that comes pre-configured and can be further adapted to your company’s needs.
Exchequer integration

Contact us about your (IRIS) Exchequer accounts document management integration requirements.


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