HR on-boarding digital document system

Rob Roy reduces on-boarding pain with digital HR system

Rob Roy, an ambitious US manufacturing company operating in several States, set out to digitize its HR on-boarding process to improve its compliance audit ratings, reduce administration times, reduce costs, and improve the on-boarding experience for staff and new employees.

With a new electronic document management system in place, the multi-site company has seen its compliance audit scores reach 94% - a fifteen year high - and has seen a saving of $75,000 a year compared with its previous paper based process.

An employee orientation pack typically contains 60 pages. The ability to capture information via PC, laptop or smart phone, means companies can capture information in a flexible format and assign characteristics to information dynamically.

The huge amount of HR on-boarding paper work, which includes every type of employment record, and what formerly involved a large amount of collation time, becomes manageable with HR document automation, from information capture to automated records retention and destruction.

The complexity of Rob Roy's on-boarding challenge was increased by the fact that different documents are needed, and different procedures apply, in the different States in which Rob Roy operates. Digitization and simple indexing enabled the manufacturer to reduce this admin headache. 

The Human Resources Director who commissioned the project, said, “We had a goal to create a system that would be the best it could possibly be and, with our Document Logistix as our EDM partner, we succeeded.”

In terms of productivity, the system gives HR staff a great boost as knowledge workers, who typically lost a day a week searching for information that was either hard to find, missing or out of date, are able find information instantly in one centrally controlled digital location.

If you feel you could benefit from a solution such as Document Manager with HR on-boarding management, please get in touch.


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