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Industry Sectors

Document Management Software Solutions for Logistics

Document Logistix works extensively in the Logistics sector, with small, medium and global logistics providers. We provide enterprise wide solutions, from field systems for Proof of Delivery to fleet management solutions that cover everything from drivers to vehicle maintenance records. 

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Education DIGITAL Document Management Software

Effective digital Document Management promotes academic programme growth and optimises resources. Institutions achieve enrolment efficiency, as well as better fees management, compliance and general information sharing using electronic document management throughout the student cycle.

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Housing AssociationS document management

Housing Associations generate huge quantities of paper and digital documentation and have specific KPIs, tenant needs and compliance commitments. Document Logistix's housing association solutions help to capture, store, share and retrieve information contained in all document types to achieve better operations.

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Property Management document workflow software

Property management companies generate vast quantities of information in the form of paper, emails, digital documents, photographs and video. Document Logistix helps to manage information across billing, finance, suppliers, health and safety, security, inspections, insurance and compliance.

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Document management for solicitors and lawyers

Enjoy secure centralised document control with assured version control and full notes, and remote permission-based access. Document Logistix helps lawyers to manage their business to maximise fees and legal cases to make the most of their legal expertise. Integrates with legacy case software. 

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Document Logistix e-Discovery

Full criminal case disclosure is mandated in most USA states. Information and evidence must available and transparent. Document Logistix has pioneered digital case records management in several States to house and distribute evidence in all formats from paper to video.

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Manufacturing Lifecycle Document Management

The manufacturing frequently complex, competive and margin pressured. Document Logistix digital document content management systems improve workflow, production, business intelligence and profits. Consider these questions and decide if we can help you to improve business processes.

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