Proof of Delivery (POD) system case study

Proof of Delivery (POD) system case study

POD Scanning System | Logistics and haulage

When the logistics and haulage company, Widdowson Group’s POD system reached end of life, with the hardware requiring increasing attention to keep it running and the software about to go out of support, the company sought a document management partner in order to meet its customers’ changing business needs.

The Widdowson Group is highly focused on the business drivers of its customers, which include requirements for speed, accuracy and visibility of delivery paperwork on which Widdowson captures signatures when making deliveries for their customers. The ability to view PODs online is critical to their customers’ account reconciliation, client satisfaction, workflow and cashflow efficiency.

The Group continually invests in technology to manage customers’ proof of delivery documents in order to centralise widely dispersed information from across its UK-wide operation.

New POD system benefits

The new POD system will enhance Widdowson’s Groupage and Full Loads operations and customers will see several benefits, including

  • Faster POD scanning times that mean PODs are available quicker
  • PODs that can be emailed to a customer on a daily basis
  • PODs that can be integrated with customer systems by file transfer
  • Faster web site response times owing to new server investment

How a new POD system supplier was appointed

In order to specify and commission new POD management Widdowson set up a project team to review the needs of their Document Management system. Document Logistix was then selected as a leader in Document Management solutions for the logistics industry. Within two months the new system was being piloted and all Widdowson customers were successfully migrated two weeks later.

Integrating POD, Accounts and workflow

Paul Caygill, Head of IT, explained Widdowson’s ambitions for future advances using DM technology: “With this part of the project complete, we can make a start on Phase 2. We are going to implement the Document Management software into our Accounts Department to scan and capture purchase invoices. We will use a workflow process to authorise invoices for payment, which will reduce the amount of paperwork we have to deal with.”

In the logistics sector, the ability to capture information, track, analyse and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) is fundamental to success. Logistics Document Manager removes the barriers that prevent access to important information by ensuring it is captured, stored and retrieved in accessible, interpretable, actionable formats.

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