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Businesses handle thousands of P60s, P45s, P11Ds (UK), or I-9s and social security documents (USA), plus workforce contracts, company policy documents and many other document types each year. As well as answering the normal needs of the business, HR teams face the additional admin burden of labour legislation, regulation and compliance.

Document management solutions with document imaging and archiving help HR Managers and their departments to capture and associate documents with employees in a digital format, which eliminates the need for physical document storage and manual collation and file searching. Document Manager integrates seamlessly with other business systems, such as HR and Payroll applications, and gives users access to documents via a rich client or web interface.

Both our rich client and Cloud HR customers are pleased to know that their HR documents are securely housed in one centrally controlled space. Documents cannot go missing and HR staff do not waste any time as document retrieval is instant.

In the Epson Europe video on this page you will hear how electronic HR systems helped alleviate the GDPR compliance concersns of senior HR Management. Document Manager enables you to store and justify information that is legally required, and pre-programme data deletion for when data should no longer be held. 

Document Manager works within legacy HR solutions via the HR solution GUI. It also ensures all security protocols within the existing HR solution are enforced.

Electronic document management enables all physical and digital documents relating to an employee to be captured and stored, however they enter the company, as paper, emails or any other digital format.

HR Managers and their teams can reduce admin and increase their focus on strategic issues as Document Manager controls many core HR functions in the background, automatically. From employee on-boarding with all relevant HR information capture, through assured retention and, ultimately, to assured document deletion, Document Manager is the ideal HR solution.

HR documents can be produced without undue effort for audits, performance reviews, disciplinary proceedings, legal proceedings, retirement or exit. All documents scanned into Document Manager are admissible in court in their electronic form.

Document Manager is a leading end-to-end digital document management solution and software supplier that provides DM solutions to customers around the world and in all market sectors including Logistics, Finance and ProfessionalServices, Manufacturing, Policing, Retail and Education.


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